Malang, which is noted as one of the most fascinating town in east java lies in 90 km away to the south of the capital province, Surabaya. It considerably becomes one of clean and cool cities in east java. It is stretching out from 112′ 17′ 10,90″ to 112 57′ 0,00 East Longitude and ranging from 744′55, 11 to 8 26′ 35,45 South Latitude. Malang has border of Blitar and Kediri Regencies on the west; Jombang, Mojokerto and Pasuruan Regencies on the north; Probolinggo and Lumajang Regencies on the east and Indonesia Ocean on the south.

Without any doubt, Malang has distinctively been marvelous since a long time ago. Historical remnants scattered around Malang showing that it had played many important roles.

Malang is now officially divided into three administrative districts namely Malang Regency, Malang City and Batu City. Each of the three area has its own specialty of tourism attractions that you might stay in minimally 3 days to enjoy them.